What happens when a machine goes down?

Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest, Sep 20, 2010.

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    What sort of backup strategy is in place? Is the content safe when a machine goes down? Is everything stored on a separate storage solution, with a redundant array behind it?

    I'm not really going to judge based on the outcome of these questions. I simply need to know what I have to prepare for.
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    We host on hot swappable raid 10 disk arrays. Most likely a hard drive will fail over having an entire server fail. We keep a bunch of spare hard drives. We also do daily backups onto a separate system for disaster recovery. If a server goes down and can't be revived, then we will bring up another server with the backups.
  3. Yes we do daily backups.

    But the likelihood of a server "going down" to a catastrophic degree is slim. That tends to happen more when you use cheap hardware, and we do not use cheap hardware.

    Component failure is a fact of life, that's the technology we all live with. It's unavoidable. We're prepared for typical failures.

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