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  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to get my sites off Arvixe, I can't take any more down time. My concern with your services is the maintenance window on Wednesdays. Does this time usually or even unusually result in any downtime? Unfortunately, Wednesday evenings are a key time for one of my sites that host a bar trivia site with multiple games on Wednesday evenings. They need zero down time.

    Thanks in advance for your honest answer.
  2. Hi Terrill, yes, there can be downtime during the monthly Windows updates (the second Wednesday of every month). They are usually brief and sometimes there is no interruption at all. But as with any Windows update, sometimes a reboot is required, and that is going to take the server down for a few minutes. It's unavoidable.

    If you need service that isn't interrupted by updates, you may want to check out Everleap. They're generally a little more expensive than we are, but they are running a cloud Windows platform over there that isn't affected by a server going down, since if/when that happens the traffic is just routed to another server. It's pretty cool, and they're doing things that we just can't do here on our platform, so we recommend them when someone needs something that we can't provide.

    Sorry about Arvixe, there are a lot of people having trouble after the migration over there. If you want to know where we stand as far as all of that is concerned, we have a blog post that talks about it.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I will certainly check out Everleap. One more question on maintenance. You say you begin the window at 6pm Pacific. I know you can't promis (I get why you call it a window) but do you usually start the updates at 6 or do you wait until later in the window. Most of our nights will be concluded by 8pm Pacific, is why I ask.
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    We usually start at 6 P.M. Pacific Time, and they completely finish around 9 P.M Pacific Time. It varies though because sometimes the servers are rebooted, and sometimes they are not which means your site will still be up. That doesn't mean each server takes 3 hours to patch. It means that all the servers should be patched by 9 P.M. For example, Server1 starts patching at 6:00 PM but finishes at 6:15 PM, Server2 starts patching at 6:05 PM but finishes at 6:25 PM, etc. Reboots generally take about 5-10 minutes. Again, these are just generalizations because a lot of it depends on the size of the update Microsoft releases which means that sometimes the patches can take quite a bit longer than that.
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