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  1. I was looking at another web hosting provider's ad, it says that for about the same price as your basic plan I can have up to 6 'Websites' and they define 'Websites' as:
    "Websites or Domains refers to the number of site you can host on a single account. Each website can have its own specific domain name so you can split your hosting account between several completely different sites."

    Now, If I understand correctly, here I can have only one 'Website' for one account. Is that correct?

    I'm not a professional at this by any means and I'm confused. They seem to equate 'Websites' with 'Domains', but Winhost seems to make a point of distinguishing between them.

    It seems to me that web hosting must be a pretty competitive business, it doesn't make sense to me that they would offer a lot more for the same price.

    Could someone enlighten me? Thanks.
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  2. There will always be hosts that offer "more" for less money (or appear to offer more on the surface). But who knows who they are? You could start a "hosting company" in about an hour and sell accounts for 35 cents. Anyone could.

    Most of us who work for Winhost have been working in the hosting industry for a long time, we don't rent or lease hardware, we don't outsource support to India, we develop in house - it's a question of what you want. Quality isn't cheap, and if you shop for hosting only based on price you will ultimately be disappointed. You get what you pay for. That's an old saying, but it's very true in web hosting.

    As for how our system works, you have one account. Within that account you can have multiple sites, domain registration, SSL certificates, etc. The account is a container, so to speak, for the services.
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