Website Not showing after uploading all files on FTP ?

Discussion in 'FTP' started by techlogixllc, May 3, 2014.

  1. My website is not showing after i upload my simple HTML base website on FTP.
    I am using Global Space - cutftp8.3 professional.
    Its login perfectlty but after upload didn't showing any thing
    my website address:

    nothing is working.
    All files are uploaded

    Please help me. Its urgent.

  2. ComputerMan

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    If you're uploading your web site files onto your hosting account with us. Then using your main URL to see if the page was uploaded via this domain name:

    The reason why you're not seeing the files at this moment is because your domain name is using a different DNS service since it's using different name servers that don't belong to us.

    To test your site on our web server we provide you with a secondary URL in the control panel's Site Info section. Look next to: Secondary Web URL:

    That is the URL you can use to visit your site on our web server without having to point your domain name to our web server yet.

    Once you're done with your testing and you want to point your domain name to use our hosting services like email and web hosting. Change the name servers to our name servers below:


    The name servers need to be changed with the current registrar of your domain name.
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