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  1. Hello,

    I need some help / suggestions why my website is running slow?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Website is
  2. Ray


    Web latency and poor web performance is really difficult to diagnose because it is often caused by a lot of things rather then just one main issue. Some things we can't control such as your ISP. You'll need to check with your ISP yourself and see if they are having any problems with their backbone. You may want to perform a traceroute test and provide them a copy of the results.

    I did test your site using some 3rd party tools and the results does show that your site may need some optimizing. There seems to be alot of images/objects loading on the first initial call to your site "". You may want to break that down into two pages.
  3. Thanks for the response.
    I have checked at my work where we have T1 and its slow there; so ISP is out of the list.
    Do you think I need to change anything on IIS settings?
  4. Ray


    Did you look at the link I provided in the last thread? Base off that tests it does look like your site is loading a lot of objects on its first initial load. Also once the first site loaded I closed the browser and reopened the site again. I believe you will notice the second time you open the site the load time is much quicker. Like I suggested before try setting it up where it loads less images and objects on the first page. Also I think the site connects to the SQL database. Check if your query strings are also optimized. Run the query your application is calling directly on the SQL server and see if the results also has some latency. You may need to index your database to improve performance if you haven't already done so.
  5. Our hosted site experience slowness

    We experiencing the same issue with our site hosted with Winhost

    also we notice that it is very slow whenever we upload small size file thru ftp.

    We are using fios fiber connection and have no issue accessing other site.
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  6. Ray


    Did you try running a traceroute test to your domain name. If there is problems within our backbone, the traceroute test will help identify that.
  7. here is the result:

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Wireless_Broadband_Router.home []
    2 6 ms 7 ms 7 ms [173.64.199
    3 9 ms 9 ms 7 ms [130.81.1
    4 11 ms 11 ms 10 ms [130.81
    5 9 ms 9 ms 10 ms []
    6 47 ms 49 ms 50 ms []
    7 46 ms 47 ms 47 ms POS6-0-0.GW3.LAX15.ALTER.NET []
    8 48 ms 47 ms 50 ms [157.130.236.
    9 46 ms 50 ms 47 ms [216.52.
    10 49 ms 47 ms 52 ms [216.
    11 51 ms 52 ms 49 ms []
    12 * 51 ms * []
    13 48 ms 50 ms 49 ms []

    Trace complete.
  8. I suspect it is a SQL server issue with Winhost
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  9. Ray


    Try running the query your application calls directly on the SQL server and see if the latency also occurs on the SQL server. It maybe that you need to optimize your query rather then your application.
  10. We have not change anything lately both code and sql.
    It seems Today everything come up much faster.
    Hope Winhost keep maintain their reliability.
    We have been more than 1 years. So far not much complaint. Knock on the wood ....
  11. It's still slow
    I've tested it with
    there are some performance problems but the main reason is very slow access to the main page
    Transfer time: 10.61s
    It should be SQL server.
  12. Ray


    What site are you referring to? Do you have a URL for us to look at?

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