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Discussion in 'Site Programming, Development and Design' started by TintinCamp, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I would like to put a hit counter on my on my intro webpage.
    Does Winhost have some built-in counter I can use? (I searched for previous posted info but didn't get any relevant topics) Thanks
  2. I'm afraid not.

    I'm sure you can use Google to find a code snippet that will put a "hit counter" on a page, but they are notoriously inaccurate, and honestly, you're just going to make your site look old and out of date if you put a hit counter on it.

    As an alternative you might want to look at the Facebook like button, which is easy to add. Along with a Twitter button, the Google +1 button - there are a lot of little widgets you can add for that kind of thing.

    For counting how many people actually viewed a page you should use your site stats.
  3. I can suggest to use Google analytics.
    You will get really detailed info about your website.
    P.S.I assume you have gmail account, if not, you can easy create it.

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