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  1. how do i set up webmail but still use microsoft outlook as my email client?
    we are currently using mail.oursite.com to recieve mail but our sending mail out via our isp bell so our outgoing mail is set to mail.bellnet.ca

    I would like to keep everything the same if possible so that i do not have to go and reconfigure everyone's microsoft outlook to reflect any outgoing/incoming mail changes.

    I am very untechnical when it comes to this stuff.
    So far I have updated our DNS to point to Winhost and emails are being sent and recieved through microsoft outlook without any problems.

    Hoping I can set-up webmail this easy.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. Ray


    Webmail is already setup for you by default. If you want to create additional POP accounts you will need to use webmail and log in as the postmaster account to setup new POP accounts.
  3. what is the default password created for the post master??? i did not recreate a password yet and it is asking for me to enter my old password in order to create a new one. what to do??? I obviously could not keep my smtp the same as it was automatically changed to mail.mydomain.com from smtp.bellnet.ca
  4. what the the default password for the postmaster account that is automatically created because i don;t know the password needed in order to open new pop accounts
  5. Ray


    You are going to the wrong place if you want to change the password to your postmaster account. Once you log into your webmail with the postmaster account by going through the Site Manager/Email Manager of the Winhost control panel, go to Settings on the webmail interface. Choose Domain Settings and choose Users. From there you can also update the postmaster password and it will not ask for your old password.
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  6. okay, made the admin postmaster changes. now i set up my email account to mirror my old account but the emails are not coming through yet on my microsoft outlook nor are they getting bounced back my other email address for which i am sending them.
  7. cannot get incoming mail to work in outlook but outgoing mail works
  8. Ray


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  9. I authenticated just like it asked, but i edited a current email account i had on my outlook express because the new account will be the exact same, only difference is the stmp was changed from mail.bellnet.ca to mail.ouraccount.com
    i got this email:

    This is an e-mail message sent automatically by Microsoft Office Outlook's Account Manager while testing the settings for your POP3 account.
  10. when i log onto the incoming mail server pop 3: i get the message "The specified server was found but there was no response from the server. please verify the port and ssl information is correct".
    Pop is set to 110, smtp is 25
    and nethier have the box clicked off saying this server requires an encrypted connection (ssl). is that possibly the problem?
  11. Ray


    What is the full and exact error message. It sounds like something on your end is blocking ports 110 or 25. For now the best thing to do is bypass your router and firewall and connect directly to the Internet to see if that solves the problem. If you can tell us your domain name to your account.
  12. it is www.delake.com

    but what is weird is that i can send email from the outlook express just not recieve it nor no post master notice that the email was bounced back. i don't get a number error message. when i test the account settings it says "Congratulations!! All tests completed successfully. click close to continue".

    your guide asks me to:
    Check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
    Check "Log on using" radio button

    and that is the message i got: "The specified server was found but there was no response from the server. please verify the port and ssl information is correct".

    but now i cannot get this message to show up and incoming mail is still not working, but outgoing mail is.
  13. Ray


    I checked the whois record and your domain name delake.com is not pointing to our DNS servers.

    Date Registered: 1999-4-29
    Date Modified: 2011-1-6
    Expiry Date: 2014-4-29

    DNS1: ns1.4servers.com
    DNS2: ns2.4servers.com

    Are you hosting your own DNS servers. If you are I suspect you did not configure the MX record correctly to resolve to our email server. I suggest you contact your registrar and have them update the name servers to us.


    It makes it a lot easier to troubleshoot when you have email problems.
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  14. this is very odd, because we are registered with internet.bs and i went on their site and changed our dns servers to point to you. if you look our domain up on whois.net it shows the change to your servers but not when you look up our domain on whois.com how do i configure the MX record correctly?

    could there just be a delay for the dns change to populate all over the net?

    WHOIS.net information for delake.com :

    Domain Name: DELAKE.COM
    Registrar: INTERNET.BS CORP.
    Whois Server: whois.internet.bs
    Referral URL: http://www.internet.bs
    Name Server: NS1.Winhost.COM
    Name Server: NS2.Winhost.COM
    Name Server: NS3.Winhost.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 06-jan-2011
    Creation Date: 29-apr-1999
    Expiration Date: 29-apr-2014
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  15. There is.

    It can take up to 72 hours to propagate everywhere. Those these days it happens in much, much less time than that.
  16. Ray


    I just checked again but this time I looked at two different whois records, and both show that delake.com points to ns1.4servers.com and ns2.4servers.com


    Try contacting your registrar directly and make sure they are pushing out the changes. Sometimes the owner offers the request for change on the name servers but the registrar really does not issue it out. You maybe missing one final step to push it out.
  17. greylisted

    everything is working fine for all users but one. he can recieve mail but when he tries to send mail he is getting an error 451 greylisted message please try again in 7000. How can this be resolved??
  18. Ray


    The email address that person is trying to send to which is the "To" email address has greylisting enabled on there end. Greylisting is a feature that helps reduce the number of spam received in the Inbox by temporarily blocking the first initial attempt to send out the email. The sending parties email server will try again. Typically within 15 minutes or what ever time interval the email administrator set it for.

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  19. any email they attempt to send are being greylisted. the emails which were created and attempted to send hours ago have still not been sent. the exact emails addresses they are being greylisted from outgoing emails he can receive emails from. the delay has been a couple of hours.
  20. Ray


    What is the email address he is sending to. It is that email address that the email administrator will have to disable the greylisting for.
  21. how do find all the emails that are being greylisted to fix this error?
  22. Ray


    What email address are you referring to? Is it an email address hosted on Winhost?
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  23. I am having him test, it would not send to a personal yahoo account or my email which is being host by Winhost and has the exact same domain name as the user who is getting this greylisting message
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  24. Ray


    If the emails you are sending to is hosted on Winhost email servers then yes by default all email addresses have greylisting enabled. We allowed this default setting to help our customers fight off spam. But if you have the postmaster account or access to the email address you can disable it yourself. Try looking at this kb article.


    If the email address that is greylisting you is an email account outside of Winhost (i.e. @yahoo.com) then you will need to contact the email administrator of the account. We will not have control over that. As I stated before the greylisting feature is set on the receiving end and they are the one temporarily blocking it. If it is an outside party we will not know if greylisting is enabled or not. The only way to know is to get a bounce back message stating that the email is greylisted or you talk to the email administrator for that email server.
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