Web Application Deployment using VS 2008 FW 3.5 IIS 7.0

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  1. I am using VS 2008 for my developement, on your site there are steps for deploying the web site from visual Studio 2008. Now generally I create Web Application and not a Web Site, the steps on your site applies to a web site. I would like to know the steps for web application. How can I deploy (Publish) from a web application from visual studio 2008?

    I tried with a web sie but it did not work either. It kept teling me unable to open web site ftp://www.HostingAccountDomain.com. I followed this link http://support.Winhost.com/kb/a483/how-to-deploy-visual-studio-20082005-visual-web-developer.aspx
    Can you give me an example on what each field should have or there require some other settings on my web site?

    Also If someone can please can give an example on how to publish a web application from VS 2008 it would be great. becasue a Web Application doesn't have "copy web site" option.

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  2. Ray


    A web application is also a website.

    The steps to copy your web site (or web application) to our server is the kb article you mentioned. What is the error you are getting?

    Make sure you use your FTP address of your account. It should be ftp.mydomainname.com. The mydomain.com is the domain name of your site. You should also make sure that the domain name of your site is pointing to our web server. You should double check with your registrar and make sure you instruct them to update the name servers to our DNS servers.


    From my experience this seems to be a common step that users tend to miss. So when type type ftp.mydomain.com it is pointing to the old server or their old hosting provider.
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