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  1. The kbase instructions for deploying a website explain it for a Web Site Project (Copy Website). A Web Application Project is different, and the typical way to deploy is using Publish (Copy Website isn't even available).

    So what's the standard way to deploy a Web App Project, but not using the very klunky Publish option? I'm assuming you don't just ftp all the files, because there are designer.vb files, project/solution files, etc.

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    Actually yes, you do FTP the files, and it will be up to you to choose which files to upload.
  3. Any other Web App Projects?

    Anyone else using Web App Projects that might give some insight? TIA
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  5. When will you support it??

    Hey, I just signed up with you guys not to long ago and from what I have seen thus far it feels like the right decision. Especially when you consider the incompetent host I am migrating some sites away from. Anyway, this would be the first downside of being hosted with you, from my point of view.

    The one new feature from Visual Studio 2010 that I **absolutely** love is Web Deploy. You guys have got to get that ball rollin' fast because any VS 2010 developer who's used it already will tell you it is a god send. It mitigates having to cherry pick through web app files to copy only supported files. It automates pre-compiled registration. It automates configuration updates from dev environments to prod environments. It automates configuring directories as web apps. It automates...well you get the idea.

    Now, I'm not trying to knock you, but I know your competitors have already got this up and running. Do you all at least have a timeline (even if rough) of when you expect to get around to it?
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    Web Deploy is actually installed and I am finalizing the KB articles for guidelines and instructions on how to publish your site using web deploy. As soon as I'm finished with the KB article I'll let everyone know on the forum but you are free to now use it.
  7. Excellent!!

    I knew you guys wouldn't disappoint.
  8. Glad to be of service.
  9. Good Job Guys

    I saw this today:

    ...and am really happy to see that you guys are delivering as promised. So first off, thanks for that. Second, when I've dealt with some "less senior" developers (and there's a lot of those out there) I have found that the topic of web apps vs. web sites can be confusing to them. That said, I think you guys should expand your KB articles with a little more explanation about project types and how your stuff works in each project type. That said, I have found that amongst the various hosts I've used, DASP KB articles break down the Web Apps vs. Web Sites distinctions nicely. Not to knock on your stuff, but I'm thinking it might help your offering to follow their setup. For example: one KB article that gives a quick overview and some sample links like your post at the link above (only in a KB, not the forums), and then that KB links to the other KB's that have specific instruction on each project and corresponding deployment instructions for that type.

    So first, a small intro KB that breaks it down and links to the other instructions like this one:

    ...is a good way to start. Next, an outside reference to the topic in general, like this one:

    ...also helps developers get it, if they don't understand it already. And finally, if you can break down the publish/deploy methods by project type that'll help too. You guys are about halfway there from the 3 KB articles I see here:

    So I figured I'd point to something that I know more than a few developers have commented on as being helpful. Not sure if you appreciate a link to the competition, but feel free to remove this post and I promise I won't be offended. ;)

    That said, keep up the great work. I think you guys are doing a great job and intend to migrate more work to you shortly. In fact, I was waiting on this to migrate a site from DASP to you and am glad you did it before the 11/12 renewal came up on that site.

    Again, keep up the good work.
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  10. One more thing...

    Your KB doesn't mention that I need to set my site to run on 4.0. By default, your hosting provisions an account for ASP.NEt 2.0, so we have to manually set it to 4.0 before the WebDeploy will work with projects originated in VS2010. For anything else that isn't the case, but since your KB is posted in the VS2010 section, I figured you may want to add that caveat. :D
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    I'm not quite sure what you mean. You should be able to use web deploy whether you are using ASP.Net 3.5 or 4.0.

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