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  1. We currently host two SMB sites at WebHost4Life using two separate standard Windows shared-hosting accounts. We use classic ASP pages. We have customers that log in to their account and get content they have subscribed to.

    All is well until another account on the WH4L server blows the App Pool … then our site(s) go down for 2 – 36 hours every 45 days or so. We would like to switch hosting companies, but waffle between being very cost-sensitive, and needing the sites up reliably. Also, I am the only employee, so switching will be taxing on available time and learning curve.

    So, we need some answers to get up over the hump:

    1. We have two sites and a total of 12 URLs which we split a few years ago from one account to lessen the per account load on the CPU … can two sites be held in one account at Winhost? Per site, our traffic is:
      1. Site 1: Max visits per month 8,000; Max Bandwidth used: 42 GB; File size 2.6 GB

      2. Site 2: max visits per month 7,800; Max Bandwidth used: 12 GB; File size 1.9 GB
    2. We use MS Access databases … no SQL. Is this supported?

    3. Our biggest problem at WH4L seems to be how long it takes for a support ticket to get to NetOps so they can recycle the App Pool (which fixes most problems). You advertise a dedicated App Pool. This sounds much closer to a VPS than WH4L … I don’t think I understand the difference in your account set up and WH4L … will our account be in an App Pool with many others, or doesn’t it matter, etc???

    4. I noticed on your forums, there was significant mention of “network issues” and DD of S attacks in December. Is this common and what was the effect on individual site uptime?

    5. We currently use VDeck control panel. Given the features you advertise, it sounds as if your control panel is more complicated. Is it?
    6. We have two Comodo SSL certificates for our two main URLs purchased through WH4L. Are these easy to switch over?

  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Yes, you can host multiple sites under one site account using URL Rewrite.

    Yes, we still support Microsoft Access.

    It's a dedicated/isolated application pool, as advertised, and we give you the ability to recycle the application pool at any time through our custom Control Panel.

    No, it's not common and just very unfortunate. The effect was about 1 day of downtime for the server(s) affected. We work hard to mitigate any attacks as soon as possible.

    It's not. It was custom built from the ground up, and we tried to make it as user friendly as possible.

    Yes. You will need to export them and then provide them to us so that we can import them for you. You will need to open up a ticket for that. Our initial response times for a ticket ranges from 20 minutes to 1 hour (more on the 20 minutes or less side), but yeah, on days we have a heavy ticket load, you might not see a response until 1 hour later.
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  3. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    1. We support Classic ASP with all our plans. Your bandwidth and disk space usage is below the Basic Plan quotas.
    2. We support Access with all our plans
    3. First, we offer a tool in the control panel to recycle your own app pool so you can do it yourself instead of waiting on our system admins to do it for you.
    Second, we host each plan in its own isolated application pool. If you run two sites within one plan, then they both will run in the same app pool - but no other customer sites would be running in your plan app pool. Our hosting is not VPS - it is still shared hosting but running our plans in isolated app pools make our plans more reliable and secure. But on the flip side we can't cram as many sites on the server like other hosts can using shared app pools.
    4. We did have to deal with a DDOS attack in December. This is not common but it does happen. DDOS attacks can vary in size - they can just slow down services for all our customers or it can knock our hosting offline. If our hosting is offline, all customer sites are offline. Every host of any size will deal with DDOS at some point. We react as quickly as we can.
    5. We built our own control panel. We have a demo of it, you can check out. http://demo.winhost.com - it's not complicated - you'll just need to learn where tools are. We also have a knowledge base at http://support.winhost.com that will help you if you have questions about the control panel.
    6. You can use existing ssl certs. The best thing though is to rekey the cert - so in the Winhost control panel you can generate a CSR for your site and then have Comodo rekey it. You want to do this because WH4L has your private key so you don't want to use the same ssl cert. Also note that if you are using SSL, then you'll need to be on our Max or Ultimate plan.
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  4. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Curtis' response regarding SSL Certificates is better than mine, but we can do both.

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