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  1. HOwdy folks:

    I just started using Visual STudio for Web 2013. I connect to my site here on Winhost by opening VSfW2013 and opening the site via FTP.

    I also use WS_FTP to open the site to do file transfers.

    In both cases, it's incredibly slow. I mean miserably slow.

    In VSfW2013, as I navigate in the explorer, or try to save a file, it often times takes > 60 seconds.

    There has to be a better way of doing web dev than via FTP. Since i'm kind of out of touch with things, I'm hoping someone might help me understand how to use VSfW and Winhost's capabilities to improve things.

    I just cannot get over how incredibly slow FTP is. Is there an alternative way to connect VSfW2013 to my Winhost site more effectively? Much appreciated.
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