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  1. About 3-4 months ago, someone there set up a virtual directory for me
    at /wp222/movtypimages that mapped to /movtyp/images

    Can I get a similar virtual dir named /wp222/dlature to point to : root/dlature ?

    Is this possible to do in IIS7 admin? I can see the virtual dir for /movtypimages, but it appears under "View Applications" rather than under "View Virtual Directories".....

    the virtual dir /movtypimages WAS working fine, but I set up some rules to enable me to use the subdomain to map to /wp222 (which is now set as an app) the /movtypimages virtual dir needs to be under /wp222 it seems......

    how can i fix /movtypimages so that it is seen as a subdir of and make an additonal virtual dir (dlature) to point to the dlature dir inthe root? Possible?

    another option I have to fix this is to do a mySQL update query onthe URLs to the images within the blog's database, but if it is possible to do a virtual directory subdirectory that would be better.
  2. Ray


    That should be possible but you'll need the Winhost support department to do it for you. Log into your Winhost control panel and open a ticket to the support department requesting for the virtual directory and where it is going to map to.
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