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  1. my requirement is --
    1TB storage with 2TB bandwidth per month for video streaming & a small dotnet script on to be run on server.

    Will your Ultimate plan be okay for my requirements?
  2. "a small dotnet script on to be run on server" and a terabyte of video sounds like you'd be using the account as a distribution hub for another site, and that doesn't really fit into our our terms of acceptable use. So without any further information, I'd say we're probably not going to be an option for you.
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  3. We are hitting bandwidth on our existing server which creates issues for us. Bandwidth is also minuscule, approx 500GB per month. I read on your site that you provide unlimited bandwidth hence I got interested. Our website is at and we want to host videos & audio files on your site if that is possible. Our Webcast link is -

    Our content is completely original. Any further information you require - pls let me know
  4. We do, but only for the sites we host. The accounts are not meant to be used as file servers for sites hosted elsewhere. So I'm afraid if you set up an account to do that, it's likely to get canceled. Sorry.

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