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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have some trouble with my application running at Winhost.

    Users are getting logged out of the application every few minutes. Earlier, I thought it was because of the session state (default setting), so I changed it to SQLServer and created the necessary schema in my DB.

    However, the problem still persists :(

    Please help

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  2. Ray


    It sounds like your application pool is getting recycled. Their are several conditions setup on the servers to protect the resources of the servers. With out them there is a potential of some application consuming all of the servers resources and affect all the other sites on that server. If your applications consumes 75% of the servers CPU, or stays idle for 20 minutes without any http calls, or consumes 100 mb of memory (200 mb for max plans), your application pool will be recycled. I suggest you double check your code and make sure it is fully optimized. You may want to run your web application on your testing environment and incorporate these conditions and see if your application triggers any of these thresholds.
    Some of the common mistakes our users make is only installing one application on there testing box. Remember, each Winhost site account has one application pool. Within that application pool, they can have any number of web applications running. The sum of all those resource consumption can trigger the conditions. So if you are going to test this on your development box, make sure you download all the web application your have uploaded to the Winhost server. Else you'll get misleading and conflicting results.
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  3. I've added code (in global.asax) to tell me about application shutdown. I've been getting mails from this code giving me the following...

    "HostingEnvironment initiated shutdown HostingEnvironment caused shutdown"

    This has happened some 4-5 times since last night and during this entire duration, no users were using the application.

    We've checked the application for memory leaks, and have found none.

    Are any other users facing this issue? Please reply if you are and how you resolved it.

  4. Ray


    Do you know if this can be replicated at will? Meaning, can we run some steps and see if the application is restarted? If it can, open a ticket to the support department. Outline in detail, (with URL and all) on how to replicate it. The support department should be able to monitor the server. When the application pool gets recycled, the support department can tell you what step they were on when it was recycled and you can narrow down what methods/assemblies/activities was being called. From there you can try to narrow it down.
  5. I'm having exactly the same issue trying to run AtomSite.Net. Every few minutes (even seconds sometimes!) I'm getting logged off. I'm running exactly the same software, with exactly the same settings (both fresh, default installs) on DiscountAsp.Net, and I don't have that issue at all...

    I was evaluating Winhost as a possible switch, but this is not a good sign...
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  6. Ray


    Try opening a ticket with the Winhost support department and request that they check the event log for any signs of the server recycling the application pool. Remember, the servers have conditions in place to protect it against aggressive applications that tend to eat up the entire resources of the server. These conditions are...

    1) More than 20 minutes of idle time (no http request in 20 minutes)
    2) The application uses more than 100 MB memory
    3) The application uses more than 75% of CPU time
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