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  1. How do I set up my own Windows Server 2012, IIS 8 to show myDomainName.com/folder like it happens on Winhost?

    When I put wcswanson.net into the browser I get http://wcswanson.net/dnn/. I would like to experiment on my own server before going live. From what I can tell Winhost creates a web site with a virtual directory /dnn which has been set as the application starting point. What steps do I need to take to reproduce the setting that Winhost is using?

    btw: I have 3 portals working in /dnn but I would like to remove the /dnn/ from the url.
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    Do you want to host the DNN site within the Root of the site account? So if someone goes to your site via: myDomainName.com it brings up your site? If so, all you would need to do is install DNN within the root of your site account and you won't need to set up URL Rewrite rules.

    I think you're also talking about the Application installer we have in our control panel and how it defaults to "/dnn". You can remove this in the text field and the application will be installed in the root of the site account. Just note that everything within the root and including subdirecties will be overwritten. So use that tool carefully.

    If you want to practice URL Rewrite I wouldn't suggest doing it locally because that will get even more confusing. Also, don't practice it using a production site because you run the risk of misconfiguring your main site.

    If I was you I would open a new site account within my Winhost account to use it to practice on.

    I hated URL Rewrite but after reading the following web page articles I understood it a little better.


    It's a really long read but I really felt it was worth it. Also, these videos help me out too.

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  3. Many thanks for the resources! I did not find the videos in my personal search or a couple of blogs you mentioned.

    To move up from /dnn folder would the steps be:
    1. Use filezilla to move the files to the root
    2. Delete the /dnn starting point -- default to /
    3. Will the domain pointers pick up the /?

    So Winhost has my application as wcswanson.net but I have the ability to pass this pointer to one directory in my space where all website that I host exist.
    I am stubborn and would like to do this on my own machine for practice with the rewrite.

    Thanks for the information. I will continue with my url rewrite class.
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