Url Rewrite Extensibility Assemblies

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  1. Microsoft's IIS team have produced an extension to the Url Rewrite 2.0 IIS module, which allows websites to configure their Url Rewrite rules in the database.

    This is a massive feature, as it allows for creating SEO friendly urls, directly from an article, or blog entry stored in your database.

    For example, your article or blog entry;


    could normally be automatically rewritten to www.myhost.com/1

    however with the DbProvider included in the Url Rewrite Extensibility Assemblies, you can rewrite this url to something like the title of your blog post, or title of your article.


    Information regarding the Url Rewrite Extensibility Assemblies is available at:


    This url contains a download link to the source code, as well as the official Url Rewrite Extensibility Assemblies.

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