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  1. I need help on how i can upgrade my .NET framework from V3.5 to either V4 or V4.5 and to be honest i dont know how it is for a game that requires a specific .NET Framework V4.0.30319 any help please? it would be much obliged and my O.S is Windows XP might be thinking of upgrading to Windows 7
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    Here are instructions on how to change the ASP.NET version for your site:

    1) Log into the Winhost Control Panel at https://cp.Winhost.com
    2) Click on the Sites tab.
    3) Click on the Manage link next to the site you want to manage.
    4) Click on the ASP.NET Version button.
    5) Change the Framework and click on the Update button.

    If you need the .NET 4.5 Framework, you will need to open a support ticket to migrate your account if need be as it is only supported on our Windows 2012/IIS8 servers.
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  3. I'm curious about this as well. I have a pretty new site set up and it is on one of the new servers but it doesn't seem like 4.5 is available. Is a support ticket needed to enable 4.5 if you're already on IIS8?
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    Nope. The Framework is .NET 4.5 by default on Windows 2012/IIS8. You see it as 4.x in the Control Panel.
  5. Yes, like I posted in my other thread tho, when an exception happens like the DLLs not loading, it is reporting that it is:
    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.0.30319.18033
  6. Can you post a link or PM me with a URL so that I can take a look at the error that your site is throwing?
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  8. Easy Peasy

    I use my site for learning so I thought it would be an idea to upgrade to the 2012 server with asp.net 4.5

    I sent a support ticket and whithin three shakes of a lambs tail


    T'was done!

    A bit of fiddling in the old control panel and everything was working perfectly.
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  9. My site currently runs under Windows 2008 IIS7 and SQL Server 2008 R2. I've created a new DB with SQL Svr 2012. I'm moving my site to VS 2013 and want to use ASP.NET 4.5. My site starts with a simple HTML "Splash" page and then redirects to a .aspx page in a subfolder. I'd like to create a different subfolder that runs under Windows 2012 IIS8 and uses the new DB. Ideally, I can leave my old site running while I make sure the new site is OK in the new environment. Then, I can could just change the redirection link in the splash page to point to the new sub folder.

    Is this possible or must it be only one windows version for my entire site? In either case, what steps to I need to take? If I need to upgrade my existing site in once step, are there other issues that need to be addressed? Thanks.
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    I'm afraid what you're asking is not possible. It's only one Windows version per site account. You'll need to open a support ticket to move platforms.
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