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  1. Current site is hosted elsewhere with the domain also registered elsewhere. Development was done under a test Max account at Winhost. The owner of the site is ready to purchase an Ultimate account, verify site functionality, change the Winhost domain name, and then change the domain registrar pointers to the ns1/2/3 name servers.

    My understanding is that the Site ID, ftp information, path to root, and secondary web url do not get changed when using the Change Domain tool. Email and the site name do get changed. Is this correct?

    My understanding also is that the first 8 characters of the domain name are used in the ID, ftp, and path information when Winhost creates the account. The original site domain is only 7 characters in length. Is there any "dummy" domain name approach to use that would make the sites appear identical after using the change domain name tool.

    I understand visitors would never see any of this, but the owner would like it to be the same as has been in the past.
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  2. Correct.
    Afraid not, in fact I think a new site order will fail if you use the same domain name as an active account. As you can imagine you always want to avoid duplicate information.

    The only way to keep everything the same would be to upgrade your existing Max site to Ultimate and use that. That's the easiest solution too, unless you have reason not to do that.
  3. Thanks Michael,
    We're going to keep the Max site for development, at least for a few months. That's where we first noticed the naming conventions as the development domain used was the original live domain with "dev" appended to the end: sitenamDev. On the Max account, that translated into sitenamD for the path to root and ftp information. Not a biggie. Would prefer them to
    be sitenam after the rename but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.
  4. Yeah, so many things in the system rely on the username that is established when the site is set up that we try to avoid ever changing that once its in place. Sorry.

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