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  1. So, I went to publish from VS2015 FTP and it said everything published fine, but no files were in the ftp. Then I tried web deploy with the same negative results. Now when I connect with a normal FTP client I see no files or folders. When I attempt to make a new folder I get "access denied". This is kind of an emergency situation as now the site is erroring. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Send in a ticket into support and they can check out what is going on.
  3. ... first thing I did ... :)
  4. I rolled the site back to framework 4.5 and added in full trust and now when I visit the site I am getting Access is denied

    I was hoping someone else had some experience with this as "waiting for an agent" for my ticket while the site is down is frustrating hehehe
  5. wow... amazing support... the permission issue has been fixed and I am back up an running :)
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