Unable to load DLL !!

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  1. I'm traying to run my application where i'm using some DLLs in BIN file
    but some how i keep getting this error :

    " Unable to load DLL 'mapscript': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) "

    any ideas? suggestions? HELP?!! :(
  2. Ray


    Are you sure this is a .Net DLL? Does this DLL need to be installed directly on the server? If it does I'm afraid we cannot support it.
  3. I had a prolem like this

    I had a problem just like this. I have several domains pointers and hence have each getting redirected to a sub-directory:

    / - default.asp (which redirects incoming requests)
    /zz -mydomain1.com's asp.net app
    /bc - mydomain2.com's asp.net app
    (list goes on).

    Since none of the applications is sitting in the physical root of my site I ended up needing to the Winhost Control Panal (cp.Winhost.com) and under the site manager select the Application Starting Point option. From there I added a sub-directory for each of my apps (/zz and /bc in this example). Also needed to set the ASP.NET Version in the same site manager location. Magically it found the /bin directory and started working. Hope this helps.
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