Umbraco installation System.Web.Extensions error

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  1. Hi I am new to Winhost and am trying to install Umbraco to the root of my website After copying all the needed files when I try to install it. It gives me the below error.

    The configuration section 'system.web.extensions' cannot be read because it is missing a section declaration

    I had modified the instructions according to Ben Powell's blog post on installin umbraco on Winhost ( . But the suggested .net 3.5 web.config wasnt available so I used the one which came with the install.

    The umbraco forums say this might be because the host doesnt support .net 4.0. But I think Winhost supports .net 4 as well.

    Any pointers on how I can resolve this error. Thanks,
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  2. Ok I got it fixed. It seems the default runtime version is 3.5 sp1. Changed it to .net 4.0 and it worked :)
  3. Nice, glad you got it up and running.

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