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  1. Network Solutions is currently hosting my site, but I have sighned up for Winhost, and need to move my site here. How do I get Winhost to request this transfer?
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  3. SQL Server name

    I have setup an SQL database, and I need to configure the connectionstring in my web.config file. How can I determine the Server Name?
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    Log into your Winhost control panel. Navigate to the Site Info Manager page. Click on the button MS SQL 2008. This will take you to the Database Manager where you can see the SQL server name, the database name, and your database login.
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  5. Hi,

    My domain is registered with 123-reg. I was previously hosting with I've transfered the domain across to Winhost. I've updated the DNS entries on the domain registrar. My domain is When I navigate to everything is fine. When I navigate to the I'm redirected to a plesk login screen for my previous hosting company. My account there has been suspended so I can't log in there. Why doesn't it take me to the my site like the url withouth 'www'? Why am I redirected elsewhere?
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    I checked the whois record for and it is not pointing to the Winhost DNS server.

    Domain name:

    Name servers:

    I suggest you contact your registrar and have them update the name servers to our DNS servers.

    Let us handle your DNS records for you.
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  7. Thanks

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks. I've just done that. I'll check to see if it has worked over the next few days.

  8. Redirecting a domain to another domain

    I have a domain over at 1and1 sandrlimo which I would like to redirect to which is under Winhost. What would be the best/easiest way to do this?

    Thanks in advance
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  9. Ray


    The best and easiest way is to contact your registrar and make sure the domain name is setup so that its name server is pointing to our DNS servers.

    If this is an additional domain name pointing to your site, make sure you also enable the domain pointer inside your Winhost control panel.
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  10. So if I add change 1and1 to point to those name servers for the
    I can add a domain pointer as to make sure it redirects to the main domain?

    Thanks in advance
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