Transfering a domain (away) with whois privacy

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  1. I've got a domain registered through Winhost with whois privacy enabled.

    Now I'm trying to transfer this domain away. I verified the contact emails in the whois record are correct, unlocked it, and initiated transfer from the other registrar.

    The other registrar (godaddy) sends me an email saying they must receive approval from the administrative contact, which they see as "". That's not the address I see when I edit the whois record, that's some whois privacy proxy address.

    I'm not receiving any emails via that address from godaddy. So I sent a test email of my own to and got an auto-response saying:
    So that's short circuiting godaddy's xfer machanics because the proxy address is effectively blocking emails. My real whois contact address never received godaddy's email or my test email.

    Godaddy says that if I'm not receiving the email, I need to contact my registrar and correct the contact email. But I don't see an option to eliminate the whois privacy in order to get that proxy address out of the way.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. FredC

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    pls create support ticket.

    just curious, why are you transferring the domain to godaddy. You can continue to use us as a domain registrar even when you host your site elsewhere.
  3. Ray


    If the registrar transfer never occurred you should be able to log into your Winhost control panel and under Domain Manager update the contacts information. Whats your domain name?
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  4. I use a dedicated registrar as an organizational best practice.

    1. Centralizes domain management. One login to remember for any domain, one interface to use.

    2. Nucleates domain accretion with an actual registrar, not a reseller. The closer to the metal I get, the fewer support tickets I end up having to write.

    3. Maintains a separation of concerns between domains & hosts. When your good host [invariably] goes bad, no OpenSRS baggage means one less headache.

    I'll start a ticket.
  5. FredC

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    sounds fair.
  6. Well, all except the "good host [invariably] goes bad."

    I can understand that sentiment from anyone who has been around for a while, but it's not always the case. But I guess, unfortunately, it is often the case.
  7. You're right, "invariably" retracted. WH4L has my snark meter on 10.

    Ticket responded to, privacy dropped, re-initiated the transfer, it's all good now. Thanks guys.
  8. Say no more. My condolences. ;)
  9. FredC

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    Oh boy.. wh4l. Its sad to see how company goes into a downward spiral after an acquisition.

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