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  1. I'm really glad that Windows 2012 hosting is already available here.

    As much as I want to try this, I'm having doubts if moving to this version would give me no issue.

    So, I was wondering if there is a way for us to test it before having our websites completely use this new upgrade.

    Thanks Winhost team.
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  2. rum

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    You can sign up for a new Winhost hosting account and test it for 30 days. Then cancel it withing 30 days trial period and you will receive full refund.
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  3. You can also install IIS 8/.NET 4.5 in your development environment. Any issues you would have with migration would be exposed there.
  4. I would agree with Hank - you wouldn't deploy an application to the web to see if it even works. You do that in your dev environment and iron out the main issues there and deploy to the web when you want to perform final testing.

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