Telerik Reporting incompatibility

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    I have a Silverlight business application (with aspnet authentication) hosted without problem on Winhost. I recently added Telerik Reporting in my application and it works very fine when I run my application from my VS2010, when published, I receive an error after only 1 second when opening a report in reportviewer.

    I have validated with Telerik Team that all was installed correctly.

    It appears now that Telerik is very ressource intensive and that Winhost cannot support it. "the application constantly recycle".

    What is surprising me is that the error comes after only 1 second.

    Does anybody have experience with Telerink reporting in silverlight on Winhost ?
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  2. That's odd. The application pool would not automatically recycle after one second of increased memory usage. You actually have to exceed the memory quota for much longer than that to force a recycle (several minutes).

    So I'm not sure why it's instantly erroring out, but available memory shouldn't be the reason.

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