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Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by kevinmauriello, May 21, 2010.

  1. I am using the latest version of telerik controls (2010, 1, 519, 35). The page I am having a problem with works fine when I run on my local IIS (v5.1) and fine when I run from inside VS2005/2008.

    The problem is that when I promote the code to Winhost this page is failing, in the following manner:

    Treeview displays on left, when an item is selected in the treeview there are 3 radpanes on the right that need to be refreshed. The first time I click on an item in the treeview it works fine, when I select a second item nothing is refreshed and the following error is reported on the page:

    Object doesn't support this property or method.

    Normally, this means I typed a client side method incorrectly. But I didn't. And the first item I selected worked fine.

    When I comment out the AjaxManager, it works all the time.

    Did I forget something in my depoloyment ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Ray


    Do you have a URL for us to look at and test it out?
  3. URL:

    user id: temp.login
    password: templogin

    (both case sensitive)

    BTW: I can get around the problem by wrapping all elements in a rad ajax panel, however, I would prefer my original design.

  4. Ray


    Did you fix the problem? I can't seem to generate any errors.
  5. I guess I should have told you where to go, etc.

    select Player Information, that is the form I am having a problem with.
    Expand the Augusta tree level (should be only one allowed to expand).

    Select a player, the controls on the right update.

    Now, select another player. The error will either popup or display in the bottom left corner of your browser, I see this in IE7/IE8. Haven't tried it in firefox yet.
  6. Ray


    I am following your instructions and I can't seem to replicate this error. When was the last time you saw this error?
  7. just before I posted the message.

    I have attached a jpeg.

    As you can see, Rick Artis was selected and properly displayed on the right. But, when I selected Kevin Mauriello (highlited) his information IS NOT displayed on the right and there is an error at the bottom of the browser.

    Maybe this is a browser thing, what browser/version are you using?
  8. Ray


    I'm still not getting any errors. I'm using IE 8. Make sure you have set your browser security correctly. You may want to put your domain name in the trusted site.

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