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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Do you support the uploading of a digital certificate into the local machine ceritifcate store for use in the digital signing of web service requests?

    Are there any issues with writing files to the web directory?
  2. Ray


    What kind of certificate are you talking about? Is it a personal certificate or some kind of commercial certificate such as PayPal?
  3. To answer your second question, yes you can write files to directories in your account.
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    Guest Guest


    I am talking about a standard X509 certificate that is used to digitally sign data sent via a web service.

    The software I am using expects to find the certificate in a local certificate store
  5. Ray


    No I'm afraid we cannot install the X509 certificate directly on our server.
  6. Do more users need to install a certificate?

    We also need to install a certificate to be able to run software which provides a Dutch online payment method (iDEAL) for our web shop. At present this is not possible at Winhost. But if there are enough requests Winhost told me they might reconsider this policy. So I urge everyone (users and potential users alike) to reply to this Thread. Thanks in advance.
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