Technical pre-sales questions

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  1. 1. Is there any phone contact or is everything done by email or forum?
    2. What is the absolute path for the Access databases?
    3. What will be the absolute path for the web root? Will it be dependent on the username?
    4. Is there any limit on the size of any one MSSQL database?
    5. What are your limits for sending out emails by the webserver (not Outlook)?
    6. If there is a serious emergency (eg. our website is down) how do we contact you?
  2. We don't provide phone support. We have a support portal.
    Dependent on username, server name - the root path is listed in the account Control Panel.
    Yes. That limit depends on which plan you use.
    The limit is per domain, not per method. So it doesn't matter if they go out through the email gateways or the web servers; 1000 emails per hour and/or 5000 emails per day.
    Through the support portal.
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