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  1. Hi,

    I have multiple domain pointers and I want to setup a sub domain for a specific one, so I setup the sub domain but it only points to my default domain, how can I get it to work with all or at least one specific domain pointer?

    I was hoping it would work like email aliases, is there a setting I am missing?


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    Let me recap so I fully understand what you are trying to do. You have an account with us with the domain name You setup a domain pointer to which has the domain name You want to setup that domain pointer ( with its own subdomain name (i.e. and you want that to point to a subfolder "subfolder". Therefore when someone types it will automatically redirect to the "subfolder" and display its own website. Is that correct?
  3. Perfect
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    First you will go back to the domain pointer manager and also add that subdomain for that domain pointer. (
    What that will do is create the header names so that points to the correct root.

    After which you will need to create a redirect script so that it can capture that call to a subdomain name and point it to a subfolder.

    You will place this redirect script on your startup page within your root (i.e. default.aspx).

    Now, there are other methods to do this such as URL Rewrite, but this method is the easiest and straight forward way of doing it.
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  5. Thank you so much, the domain pointer step is all i needed, I just set it up but I am assuming it would take a while to setup properly as I still can't access it yet.
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    You'll also need to make sure the subdomain name you setup as a domain pointer is pointing to the correct IP address. Try performing a ping test on your end and verify it is pointing to Winhost servers.
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  7. Thank you it's working perfectly all i had to do was setup another domain pointer for the sub domain.

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