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  1. I originally registered my domain through a google sites promotion. Enom is the registrar and I want to keep them as such. I created my google site the way I liked with googe apps and custom URL Forwarding as below. points to CNAME points to CNAME pointed to CNAME pointed to CNAME

    Later, I began developing windows apps and wanted Winhost to host the windows apps and www while leaving all other google apps sites untouched. I also want to host small apps on machines at my home behind a cable modem and router as and
    I ordered site at Winhost and created sub domains
    created folders /public, /private, /apps, and /www at

    At Enom I changed the naked domain, www, and apps to point to CNAME of Winhost name servers. This broke absolutely everything except calendar and docs and I do not know how to fix it. Entering any of my domains or subdomains(except calendar and docs) in a browser results in nothing, not even a 404, or a default page.

    I do not want to use a root domain redirect script if it can be avoided. I would like the address in the browser to show up as not

    Now that you know what I want and what I did, could you please tell me what I SHOULD have done? or what I should do to fix it?
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