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Discussion in 'Site Programming, Development and Design' started by Dell, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. The ecommerce software I'm using (NopCommerce, which is absolutely awesome by the way) will now let me store product images either in a table in my SQL DB or as .jpg files on the server. Is there any inherent advantage either way, in terms of execution speed or ? Images are about 50k each, will be 200+ of them eventually. Thanks.
  2. Depending on your plan you only get 100 or 500MB of sql space and you might regret wasting it on something that doesn't "need" to go in the database.

    For philosophical reasons I would store them as files; scalability being the big one (you can store way, way more data overall), manageability (you can change files with both the commerce app & simple ftp) and portability (people can link to files with no assistance from commerce app and/or if commerce app is down, easier to migrate to a different app in the event NopCommerce ever begins to suck).

    In terms of performance I would assume it really doesn't matter either way, but that's a guess.
  3. I was thinking along much the same lines. File system it is. Thanks for the advice. Dell

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