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  1. I'm attempting to setup HTTPS access to my server. I ordered a certificate from Winhost and it appears to be installed correctly. I setup Web.config for SSL.

    I am able to access the site with HTTPS using the IP address ( Obviously the URL doesn't match the certificate so I get a warning in Chrome about it. But I can view the certificate in Chrome and see that it's setup properly.

    Here is the problem. When I try to access the site with the domain name (, the connection gets reset. Normal HTTP to the URL works fine.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hello Jmette,

    The domain name: isn't pointing to the IP address:
    Also, the domain name is using it's own DNS service according to the nslookup I did against it.

    So you will need to edit your A records for: & to point to the new IP number of:

    Also note, any time you install an SSL Certificate on the site account here at Winhost. The site account upgrades to a Unique IP number.

    If you were already using our name servers. Then our system would automatically do this change for you.

    In your case Jmette, don't change your name servers since it seems you have your own MX records set up for the domain name to use Gmail. So, all you need to do is update the A records to point to the correct IP number.
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  3. You ... my friend ... are AWESOME! Thank you. I'm up and running.
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