SSL not working on, but does on - help?

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  1. Hey gang -

    I've setup, installed, and activated my new SSL certificate, but it is only working on the basic domain "". It isn't working on "".

    I'm using the URL Rewrite module to redirect all traffic to use HTTPS for now.

    What else do I need to do to get my SSL cert to work on ""?

    Thanks for all help in advance.
  2. Um... I didn't do a thing and it just started working... just a DNS lag maybe?
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  4. Yep, there's a lag. Mine lasted about 20-30 minutes.
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  5. Not bad, considering DNS updates used to take three days to fully propagate. ;)
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    Back in my day it almost took 4 days... not because of DNS at first. My hosting provider at the time forgot to order the domain name and then I waited the 2 days for the DNS to propagate.
  7. If it was long enough ago it may have taken two days just to order the domain. ;)

    There wasn't the expectation of everything happening instantly that we have now. The web was a lot more leisurely in those days.
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