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  1. I'm trying to knock up a simple Facebook app, hosted on my Winhost account. I can't seem to even get a Hello World to appear. I believe it's because when developing a Canvas App, my page must support HTTPS. To enable this, will the RapidSSL cert ($29) from suffice?

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  2. Elshadriel

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    It should. Are there any other requirements for your Canvas App?
  3. curtis

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    Your account will need to be on the Max or Ultimate plan too.
  4. Ah. I appear to be on the Basic plan. Suddenly the cost of putting together a simple Facebook app rockets. That'd be an extra $90 a year just so I can play around with a novelty Facebook app. I'll have to look elsewhere I'm afraid :-(
  5. I'm just looking again at the package comparisons, seeing if the Basic vs Max gave me anything else that could help me justify the cost but it's mostly the same barring extra capacity that I certainly don't need :-( Anyway I notice that there's the "new option" "Buy SSL certs through Winhost" , which is also in the Basic column. It seems that the only thing I'm then missing from basic is the SSL Manager from the control panel. Can this be added to the basic package for a different fee, therefore not requiring me to needlessly upgrade to the Max account? Thanks!
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  6. Andy, sorry, we can't add an SSL certificate to a Basic plan (or the option to all Basic plans). All Winhost accounts have the option to purchase certs and domain names independent of a Winhost site. Those certs and domains can be used anywhere.

    The Basic plan is for basic needs. It wasn't really intended for e-commerce (which has traditionally been the primary use for SSL). It wasn't our intention to prevent a Basic plan from being used for application development, but then the SSL requirement on Facebook's end didn't exist when the plans were designed.
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