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  1. I followed the instructions on the following page to change my site over to sqlserver sessionstate mode.


    After I received an email back from Winhost that the database schema was updated, I changed my webconfig according to the article. However I initially got an error that required me to update the attribute to allow a custom database. This was different than what the article showed. Making this change corrected the error and allows the website to function. My webconfig contains the following now:

    sqlConnectionString="Data Source=tcp:s08.Winhost.com;database=xxxxxx;User ID=xxxxx;Password=xxxxx;Integrated Security=False;">

    However, now when I go to any page on my website, the url is changed to include what appears to be the "serialization" info:


    I am not sure if this occurs because I am in sqlserver mode, or because I am using a custom sql database name. Is there a way to prevent /(S(otrptjf4it5twtb5apceqxbh))/ from showing in the url?
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    set cookieless to "false"
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  3. That did the trick. Thank you.
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