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  1. Mark

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    I've read in the knowledge base that it's not advisable to use sqlexpress in a shared web hosting environment but my question is , is it possible to use sql express databases to be hosted on your site? Or should I convert to sql server 2005 and create databases in it before uploading it to your hosting area?

  2. Ray


    Unfortunately we do not support SQL Express on our shared hosting environment. We only offer SQL 2008 databases.
  3. Although you cannot use SQL Express database files directly on the server, there shouldn't be a problem with continuing to use it in your development environment. Then when it comes to deploy to your live Winhost site you do the following:

    1. Use the SQL Publishing Wizard to import/export your SQL Express database to your Winhost SQL 2008 database.

    2. Change the connection string in your ASP.NET application to point to your Winhost SQL 2008 database.

    3. Upload your app.
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  4. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Thank you for your response.. So I can just download SQL publisher for free then convert my MDF file to be compatible with SQL server 2008 before putting it in live?
  5. Mark

    Mark Guest

    btw, I'm using SQl Express for development.

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  7. Mark

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    Thanks for everything .... I'll be signing up with Winhost by this week ....

    Thanks for prompt responses.

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    Actually I have found it far easier--and faster--to use the Import and Export Data utility that comes with Management Studio. It took just a few seconds to upload 80 meg data.
  9. Good idea. Thanks for the post!

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