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  1. Hi,

    Having hit a brick wall in trying to get some meaningful support with regards to SPF Records I thought I would post the following to help those like myself who only do this once in a pink fit :)

    First of all, read the KB article and then go to the SPF web site. Enter your domain name in the wizard and click enter. I'm not going to go into what all these options mean, rather I'm going to give you what works for me.


    Now, Winhost support were kind enough to eventually tell me that (a) the 'default' record created by the wizard was the one to use. Eventually they also told me (b) that they use tinyDNS. In fact, there is no 'default' created by the wizard and you need to select from one of two formats. So I'm faced with


    and I need to copy that into:


    Well, that looks impossible to me so what I did was copied just this bit into the DATA field:


    and 3600 into the TTL field.

    This is what it all ended up looking like:


    The SPF site gives you links to a couple of sites that will test your settings for you - use them.

    Hope the above helps someone.
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  2. Nice.

    One thing I would advise against though, is using your home network IP. If you were to get a virus that wanted to send mail from your computer, vouching for the spam via your SPF record could cause you a lot of trouble.

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