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  1. It was brought to my attention earlier this week that I am not receiving all emails from people attempting to email me.

    I have my smart mail smtp account settings correct, and deal with my email through Windows Mail.

    A client attempted to email me 3 times and none of them went through (not in inbox, spam, or junk folder)

    The client did not get any message saying that the delivery failed.

    I am getting no error messages, so I have no idea what is causing this.

    This is the first customer who has contacted me and brought to my attention that I was not receiving their email, so I am worried that this has happened with other customers who haven't reached out to me in another form of communication.
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    Sorry to hear you're having email problems.

    Check email disk space.

    The first thing to do is make sure you have enough email disk space for your site account.

    Read our blog post article on how to check the email disk space usage for an email user on SmarterMail.

    Remember on the Basic plan you're allowed to use 250 MB of email disk space.
    On the Max plan the email disk space is 500 MB.
    On the Ultimate plan the limit is 1000 MB.

    Check under the Total Disk on SmarterMail from the instructions above and based off the plan you're under. Make sure you haven't gone over that limit.
    If you did go over this limit there is two different things you can do.

    Delete email messages you no longer need off the email server. (Note: These email messages can not be retrieved once deleted.)

    Or if you're on the Basic or Max plan you can always upgrade the site plan. Read our knowledge base article on how to upgrade the site plan.

    Domain name registration expired, maybe?

    If you find out that email disk space isn't the problem. You might want to confirm that your domain name hasn't expired. If you registered the domain name through us. You can check the domain name registration status through our control panel's Domain tab here:

    Look next to the domain name that is having the issue and see if it's expired.

    Or you can do a whois look up on the domain name to see if it's expired to: I like to use:

    If it is expired. You can use the information from the whois record to get the information where the domain name was registered. (The domain name registrar) Then contact them on how to renew your domain name registration.

    If your domain name registration is okay and the email disk space is fine. It's time to check your MX records for your domain name.

    You need to make sure that you're using our MX records. Our MX records look something like this: (If you're on mail server m01.) (If you're on mail server m02.)
    and so on.

    You can use to check your MX records.

    Go to the site and on the drop down menu "A" switch it to "MX". Type in your domain name without the (www.) and click on Search.

    If you don't see: [m##] then you're not using our MX records and they will explain the reason why you're not received email messages to your domain name.

    MX record is what tells the whole world what email server you're using for your domain name. If it's missing or pointing to a different mail server then this would explain why you're not receiving the email messages on our email server.

    What can you do to resolve your issue? By default when you create the site account on our system. We automatically create the records on our DNS for your site to use our hosting services. Web and email.
    All you will need to do is change your name servers to our name servers below:


    You will need to do this with your domain name Registrar. Again you will need to ask your registrar for instructions on how to change your name servers if you don't know how to change them.

    If you still need help you can always contact our support department and describe the issue to us so we can check everything out for you.
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  3. Hi,
    I got my domain from Australia and joined Winhost today ! I have the same problem and cant receive any emails at all. I changed the name servers as you advised but nothing have changed so far. Can you please advise me other solutions?
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    If you just changed the name servers you need to allow sometime for the DNS propagation to be completed around the world. This can sometimes take 24 - 48 hours to complete but in most cases it only takes 1 hour.

    Once the DNS propagation is completed the MX records for your domain name will start to work and the email messages will start to be delivered into your inbox for that email user.

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