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  1. We are updating all of the SmarterMail servers over the next few weeks (you'll get an email from us before we update your specific server). The old server hardware is aging, which - as you may have noticed - causes an overall decrease in performance and associated increase in latency and outages.

    In the servers we have updated so far we have seen substantial improvement in disk I/O and interface speed, so it's clear that the hardware upgrade is beneficial. But in addition to upgrading the server hardware, we are also taking the opportunity to update the SmarterMail software to the latest version.

    Here is a list of the new SmarterMail features that will be available to you after your server is upgraded:

    Better spam control
    More RBL lists have been added to filter incoming spam.

    New mobile interface
    An interface created exclusively for smartphones makes managing email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes on Android, iPhones and Windows phones easier than ever.

    Google Drive integration
    File storage is improved by adding the ability to connect your SmarterMail account to your Google Drive account. Link to files either using SmarterMail's built in file storage or to files you've stored in your Google Drive account.

    Email editor improvements
    Now supports inserting images and files via drag & drop and cut & paste.
    Pop up notification on webmail when new email arrives.
    Supports multiple contacts.

    Improved text editor
    With a cleaner interface the text editor is now included when adding notes and creating tasks. Language support has also improved.

    Improved spell checking
    SmarterMail has revised how spell checking works, greatly increasing the accuracy and adding grammar support.

    Personalize Your Contacts
    SmarterMail now allows you to add pictures to your contacts.

    The upgrade requires that the server be taken offline for one to two hours, and we know that is inconvenient, but you shouldn't experience any mail loss, since most sending servers will hold any messages while the server is offline and redeliver when it is back up.
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