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Discussion in 'Email' started by nrwilk, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Just a couple simple questions about SmarterMail. I don't see any knowledgebase articles or forum posts on them either.

    1. I don't see anywhere to set up a catch-all address. Is this possible?

    2. It doesn't seem like the auto-forwarding feature works. Is it not possible to auto-forward all mail coming to an address to an address at a different domain?

    Thank you!
  2. There are not many SmarterMail Knowledge Base articles because they have their own help files.

    Catch all is possible, and auto-forwarding works the way you've described...are you getting an error?
  3. I've read the help files for several versions of SmarterMail. They have all described a process for setting a catch-all, but none of them seem to be valid for the version of SmarterMail that I get when I click the link in the Winhost admin panel. Some of the help documents say to create an email alias and set that as a catch-all, but there is no "Set Catch-All" button on the alias page. Others say to set an email address as a catch-all, but there is also no button on the preference page for each email address.

    I have a couple addresses set up to auto-forward all mail to my main email account. But, when I send test emails to the accounts that are set up to forward, the emails are never forwarded.

    Any thoughts?
  4. Ray


    You'll need to open a ticket to our support department requesting that they enable catch-all for your account. By default it is set off. Once it is enabled then you will see the catch-all button and you can define your catch-all account. Make sure you open the ticket inside your Winhost control panel so that the request is authenticated.
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  5. Thank you, Ray.

    Any ideas about the forwarding?
  6. If they don't bounce back to the sending address they are being forwarded. But the target mail server may be rejecting them or relegating them to a spam or junk folder somewhere. You'd really have to see the logs for the receiving server to find out what's happening with the messages.
  7. Ray


    Some customers like to delete the emails in the Inbox once the POP accounts forward them. As a test make sure you uncheck that feature. This way we can find out if the emails are getting to the POP account.
    If the emails are getting to the POP accounts Inbox, next update the forwarding address to something else and test it out. Like Hank stated, most of the time it is the mail server of the forwarding email address that are rejecting them or filtering it out with their own spam filter.

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