SmarterMail 9.4 and IE 10

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  1. I have an issue when trying to delete emails and click buttons. I select the mail (checked it) then I select drop-down to delete and nothing happens. When a little window pops up and prompts for delete conformation so I click there and still nothing happens when I click the button. When I went to login to SM, the little window button didn't accept a click either, I had to hit Enter key to login. Anyone having issues with buttons not working? Thanks in advance.
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  3. Hi, that did the trick, thanks. :)
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  4. Hi,

    SmarteMail 9.4 is crashing my IE10 when creating a new email after pasting some text.
    Writing an email has become an imposible mision.
    Does anyone experienced the same issue?

    Reproduce the issue:
    new email > fill out the To field > write your email > copy some text > after awhile IE will stop working.
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    Yeah it's a IE problem. IE doesn't work well with SmarterMail out of the box.

    You need to use Compatibility mode in IE 10 in order to use SmarterMail with IE 10.

    Otherwise you can use a different web browser like FireFox or Google Chrome.
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  6. Thank you!

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