Small problem after setting "Application Starting Point"

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  1. The problem is that some photos/pictures do not show up anymore.

    I have this folder named "Tools"
    Inside "Tools" are 3 sub-folders, namely

    /ABCproject is the path for application starting point.

    When I placed "Tools" inside ABCproject, i.e. ABCproject/Tools, my website is up but the stylesheet was not being rendered (i.e. plain web pages), no photos showed up either.

    However, when I move "Tools" out of ABCproject folder, then the entire website renders correctly, except about half of the photos do not show up. Weird.

    I would want "Tools" to be a sub-directory of "ABCproject", is there any way to achieve proper reference without going back to each web-page to fix the attribute src/href's value? Thanks
  2. OK so I fixed half of the links to the photos, simply replacing ../../ I previously had with a just a single backslash / This works when I move the parent folder "Tools" out of dir ABCproject (In short, under my root folder, there are 2 directories, one being "Tools" and the other being "ABCproject". Again ABCproject is where I set my application starting point.

    I referenced to all the .js files with full paths (

    But some functions no longer work, like delete item, delete roles... any idea?
  3. Ray


    Whats the error message you are getting? It sounds like thost functions you are referring to is referrencing back to a module and now it can no longer find them. Might want to check the path to that also or make sure thost modules are uploaded to the correct spot.
  4. Hi Ray,
    I'm not getting any error message.
    I have several item deleting functions, they work fine when Controller, Models, Views are in the root (i.e
    But I'm beaten up with all the deleting functions as they're not working once I move those MVC inside my 'application starting point' folder. i.e

    I've tried to edit the routes in global.asax but it doesn't affect anything, the new routes got recognized but the deleting is still not happening.

    Does anyone have their MVC app working in a subfolder?
  5. Ray


    Do you have a URL for me a test? If want, send me a private message and give me a test account to use.
  6. PM sent.

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