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  1. I haven't run across this issue with my old ISP running Framework 2.0 so I'm hoping someone here has and can offer some insight. I've been reading about Browser Definition Files and I'm thinking this problem is related.

    Here it is;
    Some of the style elements in my html tags behave differently when I develop on my home machine(XP SP3, VS 2008, IE8) and then upload to the Winhost server.

    I'll give you one of several examples. I have a table that looks great when developed on my home box. Then when I upload to Winhost, the table sets 200px's farther to the right than it does on my personal pc. This makes maintenance a nightmare. I'm sure it's something simple. I don't have any special Browser Definition Files in a APP_BROWSER folder.

    Has anyone here run across this yet?
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  2. Ray


    This sounds more like a browser compatibility issue. For the most part element tags are merely served by the server, how it is displayed on the browser is not up to the server but the clients browser itself.

    And also, the servers can run either ASP.Net 2.0 or ASP.Net 3.5. The engine itself is .Net 2.0 which is misleading. Many people think that .Net 3.5 has its own engine but really it uses the same .Net 2.0 engine to be serviced.
  3. Thanks Ray, I'm sure you're right about browser compatibility. The thing that puzzles me though is that it's the same browser, IE8, on my pc that is getting the different results. When I use my browser to run the page on my pc, it's fine. I upload the file to Winhost and open the same page in the same browser and it renders differently.

    Although we can't change the browser definition files on the Winhost server, I read on MSDN that we can add an additional browser definition file in a folder called App_Browsers in our project to force rendering to that site to certain standards.

    I'm hoping that maybe someone has run across this before to save me a lot of research time. I appreciate your help.
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  4. Ray


    How do you have the browsers security setup? If you are looking at your site on your computer and your computer is hosting it, then the browser will see it as a local site, and that itself can cause unpredictable results on how the page is seen. Try setting your domain name on your browser as one of the trusted site and see how that works.
  5. Compatibility list in IE8

    Thanks Ray, you were all over the answer with the "localhost" reply. "Localhost" was in my "Compatibility View Settings" list in IE which is a new feature in IE explained in the following links;

    You can access it from IE8 by clicking Tools | Compatibility View Settings. The links above get into the details of how this works. I posted in case anyone else reading needs the info.

    When I took "localhost" out of my list, the browser renders the same on my machine and the Winhost servers.

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  6. Glad you worked it out, and thanks for posting the follow up.

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