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    Please provide constructive criticism about my site I recently redesigned. It now has a responsive layout that has an ubiquitous appearance across any device, including PC, TV, Tablet and Mobile. To reduce overall bandwidth I minimized and compressed the HTML, and I combined JavaScript as well as Css. The content such as html, images, JS, and Css all utilize Cache. Images under 30 kilobytes are served inline using Base64 encoded URL. Before I uploaded the site, I optimized the PNGs, Gifs, and Jpgs using a MS windows Tool called PNGOptimizer.

    I performed an analysis with Google Chrome Developer Tools Audit and Google PageSpeed, and the main website passed with flying colors. I am thinking of dropping Google Analytics and just using my own custom visitor tracking code. The non-cached code from Google Analytics causes the Google Chrome Audit to throw a flag; and I think Google Analytics may be overkill since I'm already using my own visitor statistics code.

    Here's another site on the same domain: It's not very low bandwidth; but, the graphics are nice.
    Transfiguration Screen Savers:

    And another site on my domain I did a couple years ago when my 16 year old cat was dying:
    Rip Sir Meows A Lot:

    Thank you, and I can't wait to hear from you!
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  2. and another re-design I did just for fun:

    Northern Lights site has a header that generates a moving northern lights aurora effect using Css & Js. The site is best viewed for fun.
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  3. Ray


    My taste is mainly on functionality and efficiency and tend to stray away from heavy graphics on a website. I find it distracting and tend to slow down the performance of the page. That being said, for the most part, I find the sites clean and concise to what it is trying to achieve

    - : Clean cut and easy to read. Although I'm not sure what the logos on the top are suppose to do. They have minor animation when you navigate the menu, so I'm not all convinced if they are really needed.

    - : I personally like this one the most. It's clean and the navigation pops out right at the middle. I like the K.I.S.S rule (keep it simple and short). Reminds me of Google.

    - : The logo up on top is too long. It has the header Six Meows a Lot with a date, but if the browser is not fully maximized that header is cut in half. May want to shorten it for people who may view it on their smart phone or who simply do not have room on their desktop to fully maximize their browser.

    - : This one I also like. It's clear and clean and easy to read.
  4. Thank you for your feedback.

    FYI: I designed a graphical yet functional website for a client a few years back when the whole responsiveness wasn't popular.

    - : The logo at the top is supposed to bounce up and down on header:hover using CSS3 animations and transitions. I will consider disabling my bouncy logo animations.
    - : Thank's for noticing; but, I had little concern about the ubiquitous layout when i designed this website a couple years ago.

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