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  1. im using filezilla to upload my site files to Winhost, but whenever i need to make a change, if i upload an aspx page the changes reflect instantly on the site, but when i upload code files, like controllers or code behind pages the changes are never reflected on the site, in fact i can delete a controller and the views that use it still run!!! to get the site to recognise changes i make to code files i have to re-upload the entire web application. any help please?
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  2. Ray


    Try logging into your Winhost control panel and go to Site Manager. Look for the button Recycle App Pool. Try to recycle your application pool.
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  3. thanks will try
  4. it doesnt work, changes that i uploaded yesterday havent taken effect
  5. Ray


    Try uploading it again and send us the full FTP log.

    Make sure you also clear your browsers cache and temporary Internet files.
  6. Upload the dll

    I think you have to upload the dll that the code is compiled into
  7. thanks iain
    your right! thanks man that solves a lot of problems for me
  8. Nice catch iain.

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