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  1. Hello,

    I installed DNN version 5 using a temporary URL before parking my original domain,

    Temp. Link:

    Original Domain:

    Now after I parked the original domain when I want to open it's redirected to the temporary link which is , I tried to change the site map but it's not adjustable.

    How can I solve this problem???
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  2. You have to set a new alias for your portal, then log in using that new alias, then delete the temp alias.

    1- Log in as host and go to 'Host>Host Settings'. Change the 'Host URL' entry to the new URL and click update.

    2- Go to 'Host>Portals' and click the edit pencil to edit your portal.

    2a- Expand 'Advanced Settings' then 'Portal Aliases'.

    2b- Click 'Add New Alias' and enter the correct URL.

    3- Log out and log back in using the correct URL.

    3b- Make your way back to 'Advanced Settings > Portal Aliases' and delete the temp URL.

    That's all you should need unless you used absolute paths when inserting images or something. Just make sure your content displays right. If you check, you'll see your site maps are all updated.

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