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  1. Hi,

    I just purchased a site with you guys for my existing domain registered at - I already have a site hosted there and am happy with that, but was keen to get some .NET hosting so I chose a site from you guys :)

    My problem, however, is trying to set up the DNS properly. Want I want to do is forward a subdomain from to point to my hosting space here. I have pointed both a CNAME record as well as a 'Web Alias' (another setting they have) but neither seem to work properly.

    The CNAME does not work at all, it displays a page that says:

    Web Page is Unavailable
    We are very sorry.
    The web page you are trying to reach is unavailable. 
    Please contact the Website Administrator. 
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    I have pointed the CNAME to my secondary URL

    The 'Web Alias' does work, however the site is hosted within a frame for some reason. When I click view source I see that it is in fact wrapped within a frame which I do not want to happen!

    Any ideas how I can get the CNAME working or get rid of that pesky framing of my site?

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  2. Ray


    You will need to setup the subdomain as a domain pointer. This will create the host header for that subdomain name.
  3. If i try and set up a domain pointer in my control panel to it says domain name is invalid?
  4. Ray


    You should be able to bypass that and simply proceed. That should only be a warning.
  5. Not that I can see, if I select 'create' then it comes up with "Domain name is invalid." and no other message or prompt appears. If I click create again then the same things happens. I've tried this in both IE and Chrome and haven't had any success?
  6. Ray


    Since is an a domain name associated to an account try using the subdomain button instead of the domain pointer button.

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