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  1. Hi everybody! I am looking to add a shopping cart to my website. I read this one was a bit easier to use as I also have the basic plan. I didn't see any tutorials on it. I sent an email to support via Shopping Cart Net but they only directed me to a pricing thing.

    Do I need to download their software to use this or can I just install it via Winhost and use it meaning, I can pick out themes. It seemed like when I wanted to pick out a theme, I was prompted to install their software. Thanks.
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  2. If you use the App Installer the program is installed just as if you'd downloaded it and installed it yourself. If that's what you did I'm not sure why you'd be prompted to download the entire program to get a theme...

    We can't really do support for a lot of the program installed via App Installer though (it's a lot of apps and we don't have expertise in all of them), so you'll have to try to get an answer from the Shopping Cart .Net people.
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