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  1. Hello

    I'm a newby in the area of E-Mail and things :)

    What i have to do to setup a "" address?

    I allready read the checklist: to make a new user.

    But that doesn't helps me to make a info@ address, do i have to do that in the "smartmail" tool or somewere else??

    thank's already for your help
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  3. hello thank's for your reply

    yes i read that already, but on the bottom there is also just a a way described to add a user and not a email-address. and when you creat a new user you can't add e-mail addresses to this user

    maybe i missunderstand something how to setup e-mail adresses. Do i have to setup the "" address somewere else.

    As examle: i allready created a new user, and now i want to add to this user an e-mail address
  4. Ray


    Did you log into the SmarterMail webmail. That is the only place where you can create POP accounts (email addresses).

    Log into your Winhost control panel and click on the tab Sites.
    Click on the link Manage.
    Click on the button Email to take you to the Email Manager.
    You will see a link "SmarterMail Manager". Click on that.
    That will open another window to the webmail. You are now log in as the postmaster account.

    Go to Settings/Domain Settings/Users to create the POP accounts.
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