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  1. Hello,

    I just added a second site at Winhost. I want the web site to be separate from my current site so I added a new plan. However I want the e-mail for the new site to be an alias for all of my current e-mail addresses. I can deal with all the DNS setup I actually use different name servers than Winhost's.

    My problem is setting up the e-mail alias. When I try and add a Domain pointer to the first site it will not let me because the domain name I am adding is already hosted by Winhost. Is there a way to setup the e-mail pointer in this situation? I looked in my SmarterMail settings but could not find anything. I can ensure the mail hits the correct server but I'm assuming that SmarterMail needs to know I want mail accepted on the other domain for those mailboxes.


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    Hi Mark,

    I don't think this is possible. All you can do is setup forwarding from one account to the other.
  3. Just to clarify.

    It is definitely possible, but you are saying that Winhost does not provide a way either in your control panel or the SmarterMail control panel to configure a mail only domain pointer.


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    No, I'm saying it won't work because a domain pointer cannot be created for a site already hosted with us. It's how the infrastructure is setup. Instead, you can setup forwarding.

    You can setup email forwarding for an email account through SmarterMail:

    1) Log into SmarterMail.
    2) Click on the Settings icon (2 cogs) on the menu to your left.
    3) Expand the My Settings folder and click on Account Settings.
    4) Click on the Forwarding tab.
    5) Enter the Forwarding Address and click on Save.

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